Trips: Pre 2010 Colorado

Soft Light and the Sneffels Range
Autumn Beneath the Sneffels Range
Snow and Color Beneath the Castles
Ferns and Aspens
Aspen Stretch
Storming the Castle
Fern Field
Colorful Ferns Leading the Way
Beetle Damage
Foggy Reflections
Maroon Creek Color
Aspen Eye
Capitol Peak Clouds
Capitol Peak Colors
Golden Aspen Layers
Maroon Aspens
Aspens and Ferns
Ohio Pass Color
Owl Creek Colors and Fog
La Plata Grove
Castle Creek Gold
Aspen Dance
Aspen Road
Fallen Fall
The Chase
Stealing Their Thunder
San Juan Panoramic
Sunrise Over Lower Blue Lake
Porphyry Basin Falls
Dancing Aspen
West Beckwith Sunset
Lost Lake Sunrise
Fall Color Under the Sneffels Range
Autumn and Mt. Sneffels
Seven Sneffels Panoramic
East Beckwith Morning